Silver Penannular Brooch


Penannular brooches! You can never have too many!
Suitable across a wide variety of time periods and geographical locations, you can use these brooches just about anywhere.
Worn by both men and women, they were used as early as the Iron Age and Roman era, were hugely prevalent in the Viking Age/ Early Medieval period, and even worn beyond. 

We use ours for closing cloaks and coats, for closing cloth bags, for closing necks on tunics, for securing leg wraps, you name it; if it needs securing, chances are we've used a penannular brooch for it! And having one (or more) spare on hand saved us many a wardrobe malfunction.

These particular brooches are hand hammered by us from 925 silver, using replica period tools, so we think they're pretty nifty.
As each one is made by hand, each one is slightly different. However, each one measure approx 3cm across at its widest point, making it a particularly useful brooch at a medium size - it's strong enough to hold a cloak, but it's also not too big to use on a smaller fabric pouch.

Price is per brooch. 

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