Rus / Birka Silver Hat Finial


A truly grand silver hat mount, suitable for both Birka and Rus kits! 
Wearers of this finial should be prepared to travel everywhere slowly, because people are going to stop you to admire this piece. A LOT. 

This conical silver hat mount is from Grave Bj581, with almost identical pieces being found in two male chamber graves in Russia. Both were found near the skull, and believe to be mounted as a decorative tip on silk-covered hats.
The high quality of the filigree and granulation work on the originals suggested they were Slavonic, and probably made in the vicinity of Kiev.

Our version is made from cast pseudogranulation in 925 sterling silver. Weighing approx 60g and measuring approx 6.8cm tall, it is a hefty and stunning piece for those looking to equip themselves with a truly fancy hat!

We currently make this item to order - please allow 2 - 3 weeks for us to create your piece for you!

A Birka Traders by Long Branch piece!

 Please note that we cast our bronze and silver products to order, so please allow up to a 2-3 week turn around for your hand crafted items to be made for you.

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