Women's Animal Face Brooch


This circular bronze brooch was originally found in a 10th century wealthy female Viking grave in Birka, Sweden (grave 973), used as a neck fastener on a linen underdress.

It features animal faces in the Borre style on the front, and a small loop on the back for handing utensils or ornaments. It also means that, when you're not busy wearing it as a brooch with your Viking clothing, you could string a cord through it and wear it as a pendant during your day-to-day (thus inviting people to comment on your unique necklace, and affording you the opportunity to tell them all about your alternate life as a Viking! Haha! Win!)

Classified as Jansson's Group 2A of cast brooches.

Measures approx 2.9cm across. Secured with a steel pin.

A Birka Traders by Long Branch piece!

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 Please note that we cast our bronze and silver products to order, so please allow up to a 2-3 week turn around for your hand crafted items to be made for you.

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