Norse Penannular Brooch


This bronze penannular brooch features large dragon heads, with a long leaf-bladed pin marked decoratively stamped with small circles.
Found originally in Spissøy, Norway, the design is influenced by Pictish prototypes, but the artistic style is strongly Viking (similar to carved heads in the Oseberg ship burial) - a small example of the strong relationship between Scotland and Norway in the Viking age.

Suitable for 7th to 10th Centuries, this brooch is a LARGE one, measuring an impressive 15.8cm long. It's undeniably eye catching - just be careful where you point the pin on this thing, or it may be literally so!

Ideal for fastening heavy fabrics, like cloaks, that tend to bend or unfasten from smaller brooches. Also ideal for just strutting around camp in, because really, why wouldn't you?

A Birka Traders by Long Branch piece!

 Please note that we cast our bronze and silver products to order, so please allow up to a 2-3 week turn around for your hand crafted items to be made for you.

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