Byzantine Crucifix


These sterling silver crucifix pendants feature disk terminals, and the original Greek religious formulae inscribed on each side. 
The inscriptions are a bit unevenly done and contain some contractions and odd spellings, charming features which are fully carried over to this replica.

On the obverse, in the four disks:
O A(gios) / GE/OR/GI(o)S 'Saint George' (the reading direction follows the gesture of blessing); and on the arms AGIE / GEORGI/E SOS/O(n) TO Ph... 'Saint George, save the bearer'. Reverse, between the arms a small engraved cross, surrounded by the famous formula IS / ChS / NI/KA 'Jesus Christ, victory'; on the terminal disks Ph(o)S / Ch(risto)N / Ph(aine)I / P(asi)N, 'The light of Christ illuminates all'. Integral suspension loop.

Original is from an unknown location in Asia Minor or the Balkans and is now held in the Christian Schmidt collection in Munich. Suitable for 7th to 12th Centuries.

Pendant measures approx 4.5cm long.

A Birka Traders by Long Branch piece! 


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