Bronze Penannular Brooch


Penannular brooches! You can never have too many!
Suitable across a wide variety of time periods and geographical locations, you can use these brooches just about anywhere.
Worn by both men and women, they were used as early as the Iron Age and Roman era, were hugely prevalent in the Viking Age/ Early Medieval period, and even worn beyond. 

We use ours for closing cloaks and coats, for closing cloth bags, for closing necks on tunics, for securing leg wraps, you name it; if it needs securing, chances are we've used a penannular brooch for it! And having one (or more) spare on hand saved us many a wardrobe malfunction.


This type of bronze penannular brooch with 'funnel-shaped' ends originated in the Finnish or north Baltic region, and was distributed along Viking trade routes through Russia, Sweden and the lower Baltic - including the merchant port of Hedeby, where this one was found.

Measures approx 4.5cm diameter. 

 Please note that we cast our bronze and silver products to order, so please allow up to a 2-3 week turn around for your hand crafted items to be made for you.

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