Denmark Key Bronze


Long Branch made bronze key from Denmark.

An enormous number of keys have been found from the Viking age, both on women and as individual finds. The key is a symbol of status and power in the household - women ran households, with the key to the family's chests being symbol of her position and power as the head of the home. These brooches were often decorative, and suspended on the body from brooches or belts.

This particular key has been made by Amy, after the realisation that Viking women needed more women specific jewellery, and who better to make these items than another Viking woman? So this piece is special to us. It's been loving crafted by us, just for our customers - we've included some of our progress photos so you can see some of the process we take in creating.

The original resides in the British Museum as Norse Museum number 1967,0609.1. Ours is a replica slightly altered for ease of wear and ease on budget. While the original was a whopping 15cm long, we've scaled ours down to a more modest 9cm (which is still pretty damn big!).
Loop at the top makes it easy to suspend from brooches, or even from a cord around the neck for day-to-day wear.

 Please note that we cast our bronze and silver products to order, so please allow up to a 2-3 week turn around for your hand crafted items to be made for you.

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