Birka Traders

Birka Traders

Peter Beatson, owner and founder of Birka Traders, is a self taught jeweller and highly respected re-enactor based in Sydney, Australia.

Since 1992 he has been using traditional techniques to recreate the jewellery of bygone ages. Each piece has a unique story to tell and is individually hand-crafted, to recreate the beauty and spirit of the original.
After more than ten years, Mr Beatson stepped back from Birka Traders to pursue other ambitions.  Long Branch is proud to be able to carry on the fine work of Birka Traders, and to continue to produce Peter Beatson's beautiful work alongside our own Long Branch creations.

So Long Branch making these, or Birka Traders? How does this work?

There is a bit of a process to making jewellery like this. The first (and most painstaking) step is carving the form out of wax. Once this is done, it can be cast, creating a piece of jewellery called the "master". If the item is to be a one-off, the master is the finished item.
If, however, you intend to make more, then the master must be worked to completion, and then a mould is made for future pieces to be cast from. 
The pieces then come from the mould in a rough form, and must be worked, filed, polished etc until it is the beautiful finished item ready for sale.

As Peter Beatson has stepped back from making his beautiful Birka Traders jewellery, he is no longer creating these pieces himself. However, he has allowed us use of his moulds. This means that we are able to have these items created just the same as Birka Traders did, but that we hand work every single item here in house as Long Branch items, just the same as we do all the Long Branch jewellery we've carved ourselves from wax form.
We're pretty sure you're going to enjoy them just as much as we do!